How to stylishly cover your arms when wearing Easter dresses

Reader Jenice send me an e-mail asking:

One of my biggest issues, is something to cover my arms/a second layer, for spring. Especially with a dress for Easter. Easter dresses are normally sleeveless or short sleeved, and southern Indiana is still pretty cool/cold on Easter. I would like some ideas, of how to stylishly top a dress for church and brunch after church. I am turning 60, and petite, and want to be stylish, and not look like a put on a cardigan … to stay warm. Really wish spring coats or dresses with matching coat would come back into style, of course those items were well before my style days, but it would be nice if they came back.

Jenice, let’s start with the basic. You have many option to wear as a layer to cover your arms and a cardigan is just one of them. Other than that you can choose a blazer, a trench coat, a long cardigan, like a duster coat, a denim jacket or even a bomber jacket. The last few years kimono‘s are a big trend and you can always choose to wear a shawl if you like that style.

The fabric and the color of the dress determine the type and color of the top layer you should wear. The top layer should always complement the dress. You can either choose to wear a monochromatic outfit where the top layer is the same color but different than the dress or create a color block outfit by choosing a contrasting color.

Lets see some examples on how to stylishly cover your arms when wearing Easter dresses in the photos below.

Dress and denim jacket for casual style

stylishly cover arms easter dresses - How to stylishly cover your arms when wearing Easter dresses

Here Jo-Lynne creates a color block outfit with an orange shirt topped with a denim jacket. Notice the cropped length of the jacket that is perfect to complement her waistline and make her feet look longer even thought she wears flat sandals.

Shop similar look : coral dress, denim jacket, flat sandals (similar for less), gold necklace, mint bag

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Posted by women-outfits on March 29, 2017