How to care for every fabric in your closet

Not once or twice, but many times I have spend a lot of money on nice sweaters for me and my husband, only to cry with despair a few weeks later after I have washed them and they have shrunk to a kids size…

Sounds familiar?

Has the same thing happened to you too?

That merino wool, or cashmere indication in the tag should have rung a bell to me not to put it in the washing machine, but well, you learn by your mistakes, right?

Well clothes are an investment, especially clothes that we love, we spend a lot on money on and want to keep wearing for a long time.

Clothes require special treatment depending on the fabric they are made of.

There natural and synthetic fabrics and each and every one of them has different care instructions.

So here is a very helpful guide on how to care for every fabric in your closet. Print it and tape in your laundry space.

Courtesy of: Alight
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Posted by women-outfits on January 26, 2017