9 stylish ways to wear a faux fur vest all day

The closer we are getting to winter, as temperature get lower, the more we need thicker and warmer clothes. A fur vest a super stylish option to look good in cold weather.

Fur is back in style after many years and we love it! A few years fur coats were related to extravagant appearances, like Margot ‘s oversized fur coat from the The Royal Tenenbaums, but no more. Fur coats of the past had an extremely bulky shape and style, real fur, long length and huge lapels.

Thankfully things have changed to the better. Faux furs now are a lot smaller, more lightweight a lot more stylish. Many different styles have been introduced by designers, but above all we love faux fur vests.

In the following images find ideas to wear your faux fur vest from morning to evening.


If you work in a creative space you can wear your a long fur vest with a nice pair of jeans and a thin sweater. Add a skinny belt to define your waist and a cute hat for style and warmth. Image source.

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Posted by women-outfits on November 28, 2016